The mission of these paintings is to postulate a post human environment inspired by and extrapolated from the various dynamic conditions now impacting on the human animal. 

In these paintings the body has been expanded, contracted, manufactured, reworked and jettisoned. Identity has been transfigured along with the social relations that swarm from such a newly destabilized genetic hierarchy.

Using the body and it’s potentialities as a departure for these paintings, they utilize familiar modes of representation such as rendering, perspective and classic spatial relationships to give these unfamiliar forms the credibility needed to flesh out the ramifications of a taxonomic meltdown.

By not using photography or other direct visual references for these images, they can better explore the possibilities that painting offers for image making and support the task of reassembling the fragmented body as it emerges in new forms and new places.

These are paintings in the future tense so to speak, painted not so much to see the future, but to recognize the present, in a big bang environment of elemental particles and genetic material.